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Our Story

Cardi and Co owners, two girls, handknitted beanies

Cardi and Co. started as a casual conversation between two friends Kate and Ria ~ we wanted to channel our creative energies into something meaningful ~ what opportunities lay ahead? 

We bonded over our collective love of fashion and envisioned a brand that is inclusive of sizing, planet friendly, provides equal opportunities to artisans and promotes their skills and knowledge.
With this vision in mind, the slow fashion spotlight beamed down on us. We grew up seeing our mothers and grandmothers knit and were instantly drawn towards the idea to promote it.
Knitting is a craft that has been around for centuries and has been handed down over generations. We were excited to delve into this beautiful world and started on an adventure of sourcing unique fibres and putting together a team of skilful artisans.

 Thoughtfully sourced fibres 

We spend a lot of time curating the quality fibres used in our knitwear. Our collections are made from a selection of natural and recycled yarns.

Our natural fibres are sourced from the angora goats in Peru to the alpacas in New Zealand!
Natural fibres are great for many reasons, they are biodegradable meaning they won't harm our planet and they regulate with your body temperature thus keeping you warm without over heating. 
Natural fibres have memory unlike synthetic fibres, meaning they retain their shape, giving you the most wear out of your garments.
Using recycled fibres is our way of reducing textile waste within the world. Whether they are old threadbare woollen jumpers or fast fashion throwaways.

We hope that our knits will be treasured by you and passed down through generations. Therefore, quality is at the core of our designs and fabrics. 

 Biodegradable packaging

We strive towards a zero waste policy. Every effort is made to reduce waste.
Our entire packaging is 100% biodegradable. 

 Skilful Knitters

Our knitters are professionals and have many years of experience. Each knit has been handmade to the highest quality, to know more about our knitters, click here.